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Dear Parents,

As great believers in education, we think your child needs a strong educational foundation in order to be successful in his or her future endeavors. Our school will offer children like yours a strong educational foundation starting from an early age in a setting that will help develop individual learning in-put, creative capacities, and character formation.

Our school offers Grade 1 to 8 children innovative and creative educational programs following the Ministry of Education curriculum (English and French); it provides children like yours the individual attention and learning environment for their skills to grow in a nurturing educational setting.

We have put our heart and efforts into creating the best education conditions for your child’s success: small size classes, experienced teachers with a passion for teaching; an integrated curriculum cultivating creativity, discovery and exploration as children are naturally curious and inquisitive; arts programs as children like to dance, draw, and sing; academic enrichment programs as some of your children are little scientists, while others little poets; sports and outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy and keep healthy; field trips for your children to get acquainted with and learn to appreciate the diversity of today’s society; contests that will make them team players as well as teach them leadership.

As a result, our approach to education is a complex one. We have carefully considered a balanced curriculum, designed to develop creative capacities and critical thinking strategies at an early age together with a wide range of skills meant to develop creativity and learning capacity.

Children represent the future generation; in an ever-changing world, it is important they understand and cope with the diversity of social and global issues. We do not know how the future will look like, and yet we have to educate for it.

We may not see this future, but our children will and our task is to help them make something of it. (Ken Robinson)

By training your child’s mind to think and develop his or her creative capacities, we respond to the challenges of an ever changing work force and prepare your child to make the most of increased globalization and technological advancement.

Let us give your child the tools to navigate the demands of tomorrow, today!


Mariana Oproiu
Owner, Principal
Beacon of Light Private Elementary School
2191 Gerrard St East
Andra Oproiu
Owner, Instructor
Beacon of Light Private Elementary School
2191 Gerrard St East



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