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Beacon of Light School welcomes international students as part of the school programs and community at the beginning of and/or during each new academic year.

We are confident that we will be of great service to the international students’ needs. We have developed the English as a Second Language program for students whose first language is not English with focus on the communication and application. The program is taught concomitantly with the regular academic curriculum and includes:

  • Grammar and Communication (Grades 1-8)
  • Listening and Communication (Grades 1-8)
  • Reading and Writing (Grades 1-8)

For the regular school curriculum per subject, please visit the Curriculum web page.

Various resources are used to accommodate students with the language, among which media and class technology are an integral part. Our main goal is to offer international students the necessary linguistic and cultural knowledge to support their integration in the main classroom stream. Depending on their needs and background, the international students will benefit from specialized staff with experience in teaching English as a Second Language.

Canada offers international students great educational opportunities with world renowned universities and degrees recognized globally.

We are confident that our programs will greatly benefit international students’ adjustment to the Canadian educational system and prepare them for their high school and university future studies.

We work hard to give our students the knowledge and, especially, the skills to function successfully in this complex and diverse world and international students are no exception.

We believe that our daily dedication to providing care and support will bring academic success and personal happiness to all our students and their families.



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