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Faculty and Staff





University of Toronto – Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty of Sociology

Linguistics courses Syntax & Morphology, English Grammar, and Writing Procedures – University of Toronto

10-year teaching and administrative experience.

The Principal will provide leadership and administration which will motivate the instructional activity and support personnel to strive for superior performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development, both educationally and personally.

In addition to the primary function

  • Develop and administer the general school routine, and coordinate all activities within the school building.
  • Participate in the selection of new teaching staff.
  • Observe, counsel, and motivate professional staff toward performances to attain the school educational goals.
  • Continually evaluate existing programs and practices, curriculum content, and pilot experimental programs.
  • Maintain an educational philosophy and school climate which encourages a cooperative and participating attitude on the part of all teachers and students.
  • Maintain a standard of student behavior designed to command respect and minimize school and classroom interruptions.
  • Resolve student behavioral problems in the classroom/outside classroom.
  • Encourage and initiate continued improvement in curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Maintain effective communication to keep the staff, students, and parents properly informed.
  • Provide orientation sessions to new teachers.
  • Have school records available and up to date for ready reference and reporting.
  • Plan and conduct teacher meetings as necessary.
  • Recommend changes which will lead to improved administration, supervision and opportunity for student development.
  • Actively participate and encourage staff participation in parent-teacher and other community groups, as a means of developing understanding, cooperation, and respect for school objectives and endeavors.
  • Review, authorize, or disapprove all professional staff requests for instructional materials and equipment within the existing budget.
  • Attend professional conferences, seminars, and workshops in education and/or educational administration.



University of Toronto – HBSc Psychology, OCT, TESL

6-year teaching experience, grades 1 to 8.

Responsible for instructing students in an elementary school from grades 1-8. Create lesson plans, administer praise and constructive criticism, instruct students on curricular subjects, create a well-rounded, comprehensive instructional program.

Primary responsibilities

  • Create instructional resources for use in the classroom.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities.
  • Create positive educational climate for students to learn in.
  • Meet course and school-wide student performance goals.
  • Participate in ongoing training sessions.
  • Create lesson plans and modify accordingly throughout the year.
  • Maintain grade books.
  • Grade papers and perform other administrative duties as needed.
  • Read and stay abreast of current topics in education.
  • Utilize various curriculum resources.
  • Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
  • Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students served.
  • Utilize public library resources.
  • Tutor students on an individual basis.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  • Prepare and distribute required reports.
  • Observe and evaluate student’s performance.
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom by invoking approved disciplinary procedures.



Ms. Khan is a French native who have lived in Canada for the past 25 years. Graduated from the Department of Languages and Translation, University of Toronto; fully bilingual with excellent knowledge of French (from France) and English, written and spoken.

As a teacher, Ms Khan has been tutoring, both in France and in Canada, for several years to children and adults with different education, cultural and social background; developed excellent teaching skills, which made her able to adjust to each particular situation, be more empathetic to the students’ uniqueness and subsequently cater to their needs and manage their expectations.

Ms. Khan has been tutoring French at Beacon of Light from the beginning of the Tutoring Centre activity in November 2016 and will be part of the Private School staff in the upcoming year. She has offered her students outstanding instruction of both spoken and written French; provided them with well-tailored teaching materials and extra resources, and, mostly with valuable insight of language as being French native.

Ms. Khan is a pleasant personality, patient, and very friendly. She puts her heart in every lesson she is teaching to each student and is loved by everyone.

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