Located in the Beaches area, 2191 Gerrard St East M4E 2C6, Toronto ON, Beacon of Light Private Elementary School will open its doors in September 2017 for the academic year 2017/2018.

Beacon of Light offers its students a well-rounded approach to learning that gives them the opportunity to grow academically and socially. The school offers comprehensive programs and methodology focused on helping children learn how to learn, discover themselves, and ‘what else is out there in the world.’ (Garner, 2008)

Beacon of Light offers:

I. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS based on curricular and extracurricular activities such as:
  • Current Ontario Ministry of Education primary/secondary school curriculum supplemented by other educational system curricula, pedagogical practices, and success strategies such as:
    • Other successful educational curricula around the world;
    • Piaget pedagogy;
    • Psychology of child cognitive and social development
  • Arts and life-skills programs aimed at developing children’s creative abilities.
  • Academic-enrichment program/gifted program focusing on knowledge acquisition and application through visually and kinesthetically based activities such as simulated lab activities and real-life applied activities
  • French program (optional)
  • ESL support program
  • Summer programs (instruction/recreation/field trips)
  • French curriculum/classes per request
  • Computer Technology/Robotics insert before ESL Program

Beacon of Light offers:

II. TEACHING METHODOLOGIES, emphasizing both social and cognitive child development.
  • Experiential Learning Method Learning by “discovery” and “exploration”, using manipulatives and visuals to arrive at conclusions of how the world works through individual and team work
    Students will be guided towards answers/solutions through consistent feedback and Socratic Method of inquiry (inductive-deductive reasoning)
  • Zone of Proximal Development Learning through cooperative activities to expand on existing knowledge.

    Learning by being provided with cooperative activities to co-construct or extend knowledge of how the world works; it builds on the Experiential Learning Method through social interaction

    Students will be guided towards answers/solutions through consistent feedback and scaffolding in a peer/teacher assisted teaching process

  • Student-centered classroom approach allowing for teachers to use their specialized education, skills, and the understanding they have of their students to teach them and direct their learning in productive ways in a flexible, open, diverse manner according to proposed curriculum and pedagogical methods.
  • Complementary to the Experiential Learning and Zone of Proximal Development methods, our teaching focus is on developing children’s:

  • Social development and sense of community, responsibility to contribute even in small ways (e.g., list of classroom tasks, tree planting, school garden activities);
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of multiculturalism fostering acceptance of other cultures through cross-cultural exposure such as, field trips, workshops, year-round festivities and celebrations, guest speakers, cultural awareness presentations.

Children represent the future generation.

In an ever-changing world, it is important they acknowledge and cope with the diversity of social and global issues.We do not know how the future will look like, and yet we need to educate for it maintaining children’s innate curiosity, assigning them meaningful tasks, seeing and growing their creative capacities.

‘We may not see the future, but our children will and our task is to help them make something of it.’ (Ken Robinson)

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